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Tell us where you were and what you saw!

Moderator: David Benton

  by dhaugh
Traveled from Brule, NE to Grand Island, NE the day before Easter along highway 30. Couldn't believe how busy it was. In approx 4 hours, there were 52 trains, not counting a 45 minute period I spent in North Platte where I stopped counting. Then, in Grand Island, I paralleled the BNSF to York and saw another 3 trains (all coal). Talk about busy... Dave
  by Dakguy201
While you were there, did you use that platform west of downtown that is supposed to overlook the yard? I'm thinking of going, but from the picture I've seen it is not tall enough to see very much

  by Gilbert B Norman
Any wonder why now that the UP has got the Overland Route passenger train free from Elburn IL (end of METRA UP-West Line) to WESO NV (near Wells; start of paired SP-WP track hosting Amtrak 5-6) they intend to keep it that way?

  by dhaugh
No, other than driving up to it, I didn't bother with the platform.