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Discussion related to Amtrak also known as the National Railroad Passenger Corp.

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  by gokeefe
Fan Railer wrote:
Matt Johnson wrote: Tue Jun 29, 2021 7:56 pm Great news regarding Acela II. I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing that they spent all that money putting up new constant tension catenary in the Princeton Junction area before figuring that out, haha!
Probably still a good investment. Constant tension still provides better performance through a wider variety of temperatures vs the standard catenary setup.

On a different note, over in the Disposition thread, the question was posed about how much extra mileage would be rated for 160/150 with the new trainsets, so I broke out the employee timetable and did some math:

Current 150 Territory:
[17.4] MP 154.3 to MP 171.7 (Kingston to Davisville)
[5.6] MP 174.5 to MP 180.1 (TF Green area)
[10.5] MP 194.5 to MP 205 (Attleboro to Mansfield)

Total: 33.5 miles

Future 150/160 Territory (inclusive of above):
[22.9] MP 32.8 to MP 55.7 (COUNTY to HAM)
[21.3] MP 29.7 to MP 51.0 (RAGAN to BACON)
[6.3] MP 51.0 to MP 57.3 (BACON to PRINCE)*
[13.5] MP 205.0 to MP 218.5 (Mansfield to RTE 128)*

*Currently 130 mph (non-curve restriction), may only upgrade to 145 mph or 150 mph.

Total (inclusive of current 150 territory): 97.5 miles (77.7 miles without * territories)
Pretty stunning development with regards to speeds. Totally unexpected. I would imagine this potential upgrade will require some high speed trial runs across affected mileage. This has the potential for *major* effects on Amtrak's market share over the next 20 years in the NEC air-rail service basket.

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  by Fan Railer
Trainset 2 is running back up to Boston for more testing this week. Should return to Philly by the end of the week.

Attached are a few close-ups of the pantograph modifications.
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  by NeedhamLine
Just saw Avelia trainset 2 leaving South Station for Southhampton St around 9 pm ET. First time seeing it, a couple of thoughts:

- the nose is much more streamlined than the AX-1 sets… makes a really nice impression in the station

- SO much quieter than the AX-1 sets, which always seem to put the blowers on “max” before leaving. About as loud as a Type 8 leaving a station.

Can’t wait to see more of these in person!
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