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  by CSRR573
Dookie wrote: Tue Apr 02, 2024 2:39 pm I can confirm that one of the 6 trainsets in Philadelphia wasn’t there on April 1… assume it must be out and about.
Currently sitting on Tk.9 at Southampton Street
  by JuniusLivonius
Evidently the (a?) trainset has been in Boston from 4/1 and has returned.

I've been intensely listening to the radio for a few months and I thought I should start sharing when I hear KP2022 is out. Some nights it's just the CETC 8 dispatcher saying one single message.

Spotted on April 18th. Heard on radio as KP2022 at 11:08PM so that's a back-and-forth test between County and Ham and not a relocation move.
  by JuniusLivonius
Last night 4/20 KP2022 was out again. I didn't find anybody's uploaded videos.

9:09:41PM Requested move west from Delco
10:42:03PM Received protection 4 track County to Delco
10:52:57PM Cleared up protection on 4 track, received protection 2 track Adams to County
11:03:07PM Cleared up protection on 2 track, started preparing to move west from Delco
  by JuniusLivonius
CSRR573 wrote: Mon Apr 22, 2024 10:59 pm The Set is still in Boston
"The set", "a set", I apologize as I'm not sure if there are multiple sets not in PCY or whatever. 100% sure "a set" was testing in New Jersey last night, though. Any idea if they're testing different sets as KP2022? It would be amazing to see every single set tested on the racetrack multiple times.

Regular update... this was last night's radio traffic since it wasn't complete when I last posted.
4/22 night - 4/23 morning radio log (New Jersey - KP2022 Acela II test train - County to Ham)
10:34PM CETC-8 needed a call with KP2022 before turning back east
11:08PM CETC-8 asked KP2022 if dispatcher could drop signal at County
1:19AM CETC-8 said CETC-7 is "checking on something" before "giving the signal"

Over 4 hours of testing last night, assuming they began at the regular 9PM.
  by JuniusLivonius
Radio night of 4/23
11:20PM - #3742 asked dispatcher if KP2022 was holding up departure from Jersey Ave. #3742 is the 11:34PM from Jersey Ave. It deadheads to Newark Airport and is allowed to depart its origin early. I could not clearly hear CETC 8's response as the dispatcher used a "far" transmitter, probably in Princeton or Hamilton. There's some sort of radio zone system.
  by TheOneKEA
Acela150 wrote: Mon May 06, 2024 9:51 am The FRA gave approval for the next round of testing last week, that should begin this week.
Is any testing south of Philadelphia likely to occur anytime soon? I would really like to see this train moving in person but so far nearly all of the testing that I've heard about is in NJ. Is there really no need for further testing on the southern electrified portion of the NEC?
  by west point
Too many unknowns to have an idea when testing will be complete.
1. Items that require a FRA inspection can be interrupted any time an inspector(s) is called out for other items especially RR incidents.
2. How many train sets will need to be tested? What is required to break in each train set?
3. how many miles to test each set at 160 MPH and which ones tested to 176 MPH? (110% of 160)
4.. What about clearing all the open items listed in the OIG report?
  by JuniusLivonius
5/7 night... it's back!
9:45PM KP2022 asked CETC-8 to return back west [from County/Delco]
10:45PM KP2022 was asked by CETC-8 to give a call when stopped at HAM
1:01AM KP2022 asked CETC-8 to return back west; CETC-8 said CETC-7 was "clearing up a foul" - not sure if that's the last run tonight or KP2022 needs a clear "buffer zone" absolute block for HAM - FAIR - MORRIS before starting a run like how KP has absolute block for COUNTY to LINCOLN
west point wrote: Mon May 06, 2024 8:45 pm 3. how many miles to test each set at 160 MPH and which ones tested to 176 MPH? (110% of 160)
Is this a normal requirement somewhere and did this happen already on any trainset? You'd think someone is begging to break the Turbo Train's 170.8mph record. Some Acela (1) testing runs back in 2012-2014 got really close.
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