• Abandonded bridge north of I84 east of Scranton?

  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Pennsylvania
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Pennsylvania

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  by Pj
Just curious if anyone knows the history of the abandoned bridge just north of I84, east of Scranton near the I81/84 interchage? It travels above what appears to be an active mainline. Who are/were the railroads, and how much traffic does the active line see (in otherwords, is it worth going to for some pics?)
  by henry6
That is the old Erie Wyoming Div. to Hawley and Lackawaxen from Plaines, I think, or somehwere over there near between Scranton and Wilkes Barre. It is too easy to get lost and confused about railroads and directions and locations down there!!!

  by Andyt293
Close, but no cigar. That bridge actually carried the Erie's Jessup branch over the mainline of the DL&W. The bridge last saw service in 1985. The branch spun off of the Erie's Wyoming Division at Rock Jct. The Jessup Branch itself spun off into other various branches to service mines and breakers belonging to the Pennsylvania Coal Company (an Erie subsidiary).

If you look to your right when leaving Scranton via I-84/380 you can see the remains of the Wyoming Division's roadbed as it hugs some cliffs. Traffic from the branch flowed primarily towards Lackawaxen and the Jessup branch reached Scranton by way of a switchback.

The Wyoming Division was carved up shortly after the E-L merger and parts of the line were accessed from former DL&W lines and operated by the E-L right up to Conrail. After Conrail, much of the former Erie trackage in the area was sold to Pocono Northeast Railway who did little if anything in the way of providing rail service.
  by henry6
But didn't both lines jump across...the Jessup branch west of the 380 bridge and the Wyoming div. east of the bridge? Aren't both still there?

  by krazytrain
Yes they both did jump across the Steamtown tracks. There are actually 2 bridges, first the Jessup branch which u can see from I 380. Also the Wyoming branch croses the steamtown tracks. You can also see this on I380 when you are crossing the bridges