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Discussion of steam locomotives from all manufacturers and railroads

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  by ut-1
I made my first visit to the C&TS on October 15th. I was very impressed and plan to join the Friends of the CT&S.

Here's a short video which includes scenes of the interior of the Chama, NM passenger station:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DRQKsrAIptU&t=2s" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Also, a few photos:
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  by D Alex
I'm planning a trip out there early next summer. While I would love to ride the Durango-Silverton, my companion has a bad fear of heights, so I was considering taking the Cumbres-Toltec instead. How would you compare the 2 trips?
  by Pat Fahey
The best of the two tourist lines is the C&T, for starters you can roam the yard, without being told not where to go. Next, they will let you ride the platforms of the coaches, as long as you stay out of the conductor's way. I did some night photo's when I was there and was invited into the shop and was letup into the cab of one of the locomotives. As long as you act responsibly and you will have no problem. When I was there I rode the entire length of the railroad. The following day I rode the D&S.
Now here is the difference between the two, The D&S here your seat, stay there, you can not roam the train. The yard, you are only permitted to go in certain area's. Don't get wrong, you can get a lot of photos in the yard area, but you don't have the freedom as you do in Chama.
The Ride was good, on the D&S, you had plenty of time in Silverton, to look around and eat. I had the best Chile in Silverton I ever had. But if I had to choose between the D&S and the C&T, I would take the C&T over the D&S.
Each railroad is good in its own way, it all depends on what you are looking for, I hope this bit of information helps, and enjoy the trip.
  by D Alex
Thanks for the info. My dad was quite a railbuff, and he rode the D&RGW narrow gauge at least once when he was living in CO before he married my mother. I had a passing idea about scattering his ashes when they went over that spectacular trestle on the D&S, but somehow I think they wouldn't be too hot about that idea...

And, the C&T is closer to Taos, which will fit in to my travel plans better!
  by Backshophoss
The DSNG had a bad season this year,the 416 wildfire,and a washout in the burn scar area ,might be fighting a lawsuit depending on
the Forest Service finding of the Cause of the 416 fire. The RR was SHUT DOWN by the wildfire,then started up short diesel trips with
a Whitcomb switcher.
The lawsuit was filed by some of the neighbors of the RR,claiming the management should have not fired up the steam engines,
and that embers from the coal fired engines started the fire. This might be moot by the Forest Service's finding.
DSNG has sprung for 2 NG diesels and may convert 1 of the steam engines to oil fired.
Last years(2017) winter season snow levels were way below normal,and was in drought status all summer. :(
C&TS had record breaking passenger counts due to the DSNG shutdown,and no nearby wildfires to worry about.
Both RR's are hoping for a normal winter season and snow levels.