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  by csxmonsub
Retired CSX dispatcher Rich Leasure, otherwise known on the CSX Keystone Sub radio as "RAL" would like your help locating any information or photo of B&O Tower NS located at Layton PA. Here is an excerpt of his email to me:

"As you know I have over the years since I have retired, been trying to collect any info and pictures of all the towers on the territory I worked. This is from Brunswick, Md to New Caste, Pa. I pretty much have them all except for one. That is NS Tower, Layton Pa. It was an Armstrong controlled interlocking and was located about a mile west of Layton Road crossing. I have never found a picture of it and no reference to it anywhere. It was the 2nd tower I got qualified at when I first started working in about 1961 or so.

I may have mentioned this to you before. My 68 year old mind sometimes forgets more and more. If you ever run across anything in reference to NS Tower, let me know"
  by R,N, Nelson
I will be at the B&O Archives on Sept 18th and will be glad to look to see if they have such a photo.

Norman Nelson
  by csxmonsub
Thanks Norman.
  by mmi16
Glad to hear that Dick is alive and enjoying his retirement.