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  by gasaxe
Regarding this thread on SubChat:


I'm just going to say that this isn't going to turn into the circus that Bob Diamond's Atlantic Ave Tunnel turned into.

We're not going to say much else although something that came to mind on discovery of this is a quote the original Indiana Jones movie:

Indiana: Balloq's medallion only had writing on one side? You sure about that?
Sallah: Positive!
Indiana: Balloq's staff is too long.
Indiana, Sallah: They're digging in the wrong place!
  by District D RTC
Can you summarize what you're referring to because frankly many people don't have the time to read those hundreds or replies each on a separate page on Subchat.

If its what I gather from the 5-minutes I could spare for it, this looks like some thread about the IND 76th Street Station, if so, here's the primer:


And here's the reality:

NO PLANS to "extend" the A-Line there. However if you have a few billion dollars I think you might be able to convince Mr. Bloomberg to get you a meeting with the MTA and possibly make it happen. If not, it won't happen. Let's move on.
  by Otto Vondrak
I am suspicious of this page:


Brennan has no link to it anywhere on his site... Plus the photo of a train in the station on "opening day" is wearing the later MTA silver-and-blue of the 1970s... Plus the page was updated on April 1...

All in all, very clever!! But dubious... Not to knock Mr. Brennan, who otherwise has excellent information on his site.

  by Passenger
It was an April Fools joke.

The link from the main menu was removed after one day.

It remains "out there" to preserve it as a work of art. :wink:
  by District D RTC
And a rather funny one at that. It brings about hundreds of hits every time someone brings up the subject. LOL