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  by n2qhvRMLI
To all interested in the Arcade & Attica,

In the old RR.Net I would search the New York Railroads Forum to see what was new on the A&A. My interest came about after I had the opportunity to meet and work with the folks at the A&A - purchasing and removing an 86' locomotive turntable from their property. They're a hard working group of serious railroaders.

I hope this page can be a place where fans and supporters of the A&A can come together to discuss the railroad, it's equipment, it's growth and it's planned events and attractions. I look forward to the day I can travel the 450 miles back to Arcade for a visit, until then, I hope to meet and greet others who recognize the road for the gem that it is - right here.

de Don, N2QHV

  by Otto Vondrak
Indeed, the A&A is one of our favorites, too.

  by Benjamin Maggi
As a long time fan of the little railroad that could, having rode on it a dozen or so times and shot hundreds of pictures of its equipment, it is nice to see that others share my same passion. I only hope that the repairs will be done for the 2005 season. Last time I checked with the manager, she said they were low on funds and didn't have enough to complete it. How sad :(

  by arnstg
I agree. Still wear my A&A T-shirt every summer. They seem to have a dedicated crew. Last rode it in 2002(?)and it was like one big happy family.
  by jgallaway81
And you know what... we still are, even if some of us have spread out across the north east.

Don, you are always more then welcome to come back to hang out and have fun!

  by n2qhvRMLI

So good to see you on line! How ya doin! Alls well on Long Island! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in PA. I see you're in Altoona, I have a good friend who recently moved to Holidayburg. Volunteers at the Railroader's Memorial Museum and has been doing some volunteer work on teh rolling stock. The turntable is still not in the ground but is mostly painted and lettered, lookin' good.

Talk to ya,
de Don n2qhvRMLI