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All about the Arcade & Attica Railroad

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  by Freshwater Models
Everyone ready for a new year?

Since considering the A&A "sand house" as a modeling subject I have been wondering if anyone has, or is thinking of, documenting A&A rolling stock and structures. This information is invaluable to modelers and historians and would be a shame if lost through time. I know some of the buildings and rolling stock still exist. I assume there are also photos of long gone structures and rolling stock.

I know about Ed Lewis's book (if only I could get a copy) but am wondering if anyone is planning a more in depth look at the A&A?

BTW - Does anyone know who owns the copyright to Ed's book?

Please note - In considering A&A history I include the origional A&A of 1870 till present including all the various guises including the TV&CRR,BA&ARR, etc.

  by jgallaway81
Since Ed is still alive and kicking, currently as General Manager of the Aberdeen and Rockfish, I would assume that he still owns the book.

  by Benjamin Maggi
There is usually at least one copy of the book for sale a month. Just frequently check ebay, and you will see it. There is one for sale now, even as I type this. I would love an updated version that shows 1973 to the present, but I doubt that will happen. One can always hope though!

  by Freshwater Models

It seems like either a reprint or a redo is in order. Adding more pictures and information would be a big plus. As I remember Ed's book doesn't have some of the info that modelers would like to see. I would think there would be a modest demand and it seems a shame that it isn't readily available. I recently found some very nice info on the EBT and it seems that similar info should be avauilable of the A&A.

Has anyone asked Ed why the book hasn't been reprinted?

  by scottychaos
Freshwater Models wrote:Ben,

Has anyone asked Ed why the book hasn't been reprinted?
unfortunately when it comes to books about *really* tiny and obscure railroads, the answer to the question "why hasnt that book been reprinted?"
is usually "because its expensive to print books, and there are about three people who want to buy it".. :(


  by Benjamin Maggi
Unfortunately, I have to agree with Scot. It is a shame that a reprint will likely never happen, but the market is small. However, maybe when #18 gets back out onto the road, business will pick up and the demand will increase.

  by Otto Vondrak
"because its expensive to print books, and there are about three people who want to buy it"

Only part true. There are many methods of producing books, and often the more obscure the railroad, the larger the market. I just produced a 200-page hardcover book about a railroad that's been gone for 70 years and only ran in Westchester County. Completely sold out of the 1,000-count press run.

If someone is interested in book production, please contact me off-list. I may be able to help you out... or at least point you in the right direction.

  by tomjohn
Here's a tidbit below about the B . A. & A . RR /A & A. RR ...


Just a few months after the WELLSVILLE and BUFFALO RAILROAD was taken up, the BUFFALO,ATTICA & ARCADE went into recievership,this was on MARCH 6,1917. Anson Conger Goodyear was president of this road. After a reciever was appointed the B. A. & A. ceased operations for a period of time. When opened once again,it was the newly formed ARCADE & ATTICA  RAILROAD CORPORATION.
  by tomjohn
  The Arcade & Attica Railroad is actually, at least, the third company to operate trains between the villages of Arcade & Attica. Previous to the A&A were the Tonawanda Valley & Cuba*, and the Buffalo, Attica, & Arcade railroads.
          The current corporation was chartered on May 23rd, 1917. Two days later, the assets of the B.A.&A. were transferred to the A&A. The A&A was formed to keep a railroad between Arcade and Attica when the B.A.&A. went bankrupt. The new company was founded by shareholders; businessmen who were serviced by the line, as well as locals who were the original railfans.
          In January of 1957, the Tonawanda Creek flooded its banks and washed over two miles of railroad away. Estimated repairs at that time totalled $72,000. This was an amount the railroad could ill-afford and just about equalled the $79,000 purchase price of the line and equipment in 1917. With Attica State Prison changing from coal to oil heating, the railroad saw no reason to rebuild north, and consequently filed for abandonment.
          Today, the railroad continues to haul freight along a 15 mile right-of-way, in addition to the 7 1/2 mile passenger excursions. Since its incorporation in 1917, the A&A has scrapped seven steam engines, and purchased 3 diesels & 2 steamers, as well as numerous pieces of rolling stock, both for interchange, passenger and online service.
          The railroad is governed by a corporate Board of Directors, as well as several stockholders. The monthly board meetings are private sessions. However, the yearly stockholder's meetings are open to the general stockholders.
         The railroad corporation currently owns 15 miles of right-of-way. From the Village of Arcade, north to the Reisdorf Bros. feed mill in North Java, and from the Village of Arcade, east to the interchange with the "Buffalo Line", formerly of Conrail, now of Norfolk Southern.
            *The TV&C was the name of the railroad formed by the consolidation of three other lines: the Tonawanda Valley Railroad, the Tonawanda Valley Extension Railroad, and the Tonawanda Valley & Cuba Railroad, which were consolidated in August of 1881.

  by jgallaway81
Roger TJ..

Thats the 'Company Info' page from the Official website of the A&A. I hope you like what I wrote.