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  by SubwayFan8048
Is the 7 train a local or express train?
  by NaugyRR
I believe if the "7" display on the train is in a diamond then it's running as express, and in a circle it's running local.

<7> = Express

(7) = Local
  by Crabman1130
Local round, Express diamond.



  by Allan
SubwayFan8048 wrote:Is the 7 train a local or express train?
The <7> Express operates to Manhattan from Main St during weekday AM rush hours and from Manhattan to Main St during weekday PM rush hours.

The (7) local operates 24/7 to/from Manhattan.
  by GojiMet86
There is also a Mets Express as well that runs after the 7:10 PM games. It stops at Willets Point, Woodside, Queensboro Plaza, Grand Central, 5th Avenue, Times Square and 34th Street.