Discussion relating to the past and present operations of the NYC Subway, PATH, and Staten Island Railway (SIRT).

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  by Flxiblemetro
I have looked on MTA's official site for a map showing the proposed
7 line extension, but couldn't fine any. So does anyone know where
I can fine a map showing a proposed 7 subway extension? Please!

  by blasito
There might be a map at this site


in one of the many EIS PDF's. I thought that I saw one there, but I couldn't find it this morning.

  by Skip-Stop
Here are to related-images, created from the .PDF files themselves because they are a hassle to manipulate:

Station rendition:


The Corona Yard image is too big so I'll just provide the link instead:

Corona Yard plans

  by 7 Train
I really like the new design. Looks a lot like Washington Metro.

  by Otto Vondrak
Thanks for making the graphics- could you post your link as a JPG and not a PNG?


  by Skip-Stop
There's a problem? Sorry, I'm not aware of advantages of one image type over another so you'll have to fill me in. For some reason, whenever I make .jpg's, they become grainy but I'll do it once you answer my question.

  by GP38
Is that the Jacob Javits station or the 34th Street station?
It appears to be a three track station, with an island platform and a wall platform, similar to the way Essex Street is layed out.
  by Dylanchris73
[/b]Now that the Jets stadium isn't going to happen, is the 7 still going to be extended. I still think it's a good idea.

  by pgengler
I don't think the idea is gone, because as I recall, one of the big 'attractions' for the proposed extension was the Javits Center. I just don't know how much money there's going to be for the idea now, since it's just Javits, and not Javits + stadium.

  by RTA
They are also planning large commercial and residential towers over in that area. So having the 7 extended would be great for that.
Now that the Jets are not going to go there, what ever happened to the Cablevision bid? What a sorry joke that was.

  by NJTRailfan
Maybe we'll see another large skyscraper to compete with the one building that is supposed to be built in Chicago in 2015. It will be built across the street from Navy Pier and it's supposed to be 115 stories high.

Maybe NYC will come up with something better looking then the new WTC Fredom Tower. Now that will be another great reason to extend the 7 amd hopefully retrigger the construction of the 2nd Ave Subway as well.

The Jet's Stadium wasn't going to be great anyhow since I heard no palns for a good sized parkinglot or even an underground parking garage. So where the hell would Jet's fans hold tailgate parties? Even though they still play at Giants Stadium atleast you can have tailgate parties out there.
  by rail10
Will the 7 extension be underground,elevated or surface and how will the stations on that line will be like?

  by jtr1962
The only proposed extensions that I'm aware of are to the Javits Center and then possibly across the Hudson to New Jersey. That extension would undoubtably be underground.

I'm not aware of any plans to extend the 7 from Flushing although such an extension would certainly be welcome since it would mean fewer buses in Queens plus shorter commutes for many people.

  by Paul1705
The Convention Center extension is supposed to have one intermediate station at 41st Street and Tenth Avenue.
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