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  by shlustig
Located on the Sodus Bay Secondary Track of the Northern Division. Single track, MBS Rules, trainphone in use.

EXTRA 7103 SOUTH Dp. Sodus Bay with 3 units & 94 cars and picked up 20 more cars at Newark. Crew had authority to proceed southward and take siding at Stanley to meet a northbound.

EXTRA 7129 NORTH with 3 units plus a unit in tow and 47 cars proceeded past the limits of its authority and collided with X7103 at about 30 mph while the southbound was moving at about 20 mph. Forward visibility was limited by curvature and the lay of the land to about 450'.

7 units and 17 cars were derailed with the 2 lead units of the northbound overturning. 3 crewmen of the northbound were killed; 5 employees were injured.