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  by shlustig
Located on the Ft. Wayne Division about 20 miles west of Ft. Wayne. Double-track with ABS Rules.

At about 11:50PM, the operator at VANDALE observed a hotbox on an eastbound freight and notified the train dispatcher.

To avoid delaying Train #54 "Golden Triangle", the DS issued orders at 12:10AM for #54 to run against the current of traffic on #2 track VANDALE to JUNCTION. The operator lined the crossover and had the STOP and TO Signals displayed.

#54 (5514 + RPO, 2 HE cars, 3 coaches, diner, 8 sleepers) approached at 85mph. The engine crew said that they had a "CLEAR" on the Approach Signal but observed the STOP signal at about 1/2-mile distance, did not see the TO signal, and made a service application as they did not expect a crossover movement.

The engine, tender, and head 13 cars derailed but remained upright. No fatalities, and 10 injuries reported.