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  by shlustig
Located on the Lake Division between Hudson and Cleveland. Double-track, ABS and Interlocking Rules in effect. Tk. #2 (westbound main) was out-of-service for MW work between Hudson and Harvard. "MAPLE" was a remote interlocking.

EXTRA 8982 EAST ( 8982, 19cars + caboose) stopped at Maple on Tk. #1 and cut the engine which went into the westbound receiving yard to pick up 12 cars. When the 8982 entered the receiving yard, the conductor reported "clear" of Tk. #2 to the Operator at Hudson. All of the 21 cars were destined to the Ford plant at Walton Hills between Maple and Hudson.

The train dispatcher notified the operator at Harvard that 8982 was clear of Tk. #1. The operators at Hudson and Havard agreed that the extended block was clear, and the Dispatcher issued TO #116 to allow #361 (PGH / CLE "Morning Steeler") to run against the current of traffic from Hudson to Harvard with a clear block.

#361 (2 E-units and 5 cars) approached MAPLE at about 35 mph around a left hand curve. When he observed the standing cars on Tk. #1, the engineer made an emergency application but there was insufficient stopping distance. 4 freight cars were derailed and 28 injuries were reported.
  by shlustig
One correction. At the time of this collision, MAPLE was a station location, not an interlocking. All switches for sidings and crossovers were hand-operated.
HARVARD tower controlled Tk. #1 and HUDSON controlled Tk. #2.

The remote interlocking was installed some time after the wreck.