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  by ExCon90
To the Moderator: The following e-mail from Amtrak was received at the Library of the National Railway Historical Society in Philadelphia. Would it be appropriate to post it here?

"From: Economou, Philip
Sent: Friday, November 20, 2009 9:27 AM
Subject: 30th Street Station Photograph(s)

Everyone - particularly railroad buffs:

As part of an active project designed to improve overall signage in/around 30th Street Station in Philadelphia, we are searching for photographs that show signage/lettering that was originally attached to the building's facade, likely along the cornices, and long since removed. This may have included identification such as "30th Street Station" "Pennsylvania Railroad" or a frieze or some other form of building-identification nomenclature.

If anyone has, or is aware of, any photograph(s) that shows facade signage/lettering, please either forward a digital copy directly to me or alert me as to where it can be found.

Thank you for your assistance!

Philip J. Economou
Senior Director, Real Estate Development
National Railroad Passenger Corporation
30th Street Station, 5S-026, Box 25
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Phone: (215) 349-1948
Fax: (215) 349-1983
Mobile: (215) 620-9783
E-mail: [email protected]"
  by chnhrr
Mr. Economou

I’m surprised that Amtrak does not have copies of the original architectural drawings from Graham, Anderson, Probst & White. One possible source for photographs is the National Archives and another for photos and drawings maybe the American Institute of Architects. Given the firm was based in Chicago; the Chicago Chapter may be of interest. Please note that the classical type lettering that may have been used on the structure may not be totally suitable for today’s way-finding signage. I will contact you by email with further suggestions.

Chuck Crawford