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  by shlustig
Located on the Ft. Wayne Division about 65 miles west of Ft. Wayne. Double-tracked with ABS Rules.

EXTRA 9522 WEST with 3 units, 70 cars plus caboose Dp. Ft. Wayne at 12:42AM. It Arvd. at Plymouth at 2:30AM and cut the power and head 29 cars for placement on a different track. When this was done, they attempted to contact the following train by radio but received no response. (They had talked with that crew at FTW.
While stopped, the Flagman protected the rear of the train and the Cond. inspected the remaining cars.

EXTRA 9533 WEST with 3 units, 160 cars + caboose Dp. FTW at about 1:10AM with the engine crew in the lead unit, head and swing brakemen in the 3rd unit, and Cond. and Flag in the caboose. The Engr's last recollection was in the vicinity of Boubon, 10 miles east of Plymouth. At about 3 AM in clear weather, the impact speed was about 38 mph. The Flagman had lit fusees with which he gave stop signals which were not acknowledged and threw the lit fusee against the windshield as the train passed him. He said that the brakes were not applied before impact.

3 units and 23 cars were derailed; Fireman was killed; 4 reported injuries.
  by Allen Hazen
Given the facts just listed, my first GUESS would be that the engine crew of Extra 9533 West had fallen sound asleep in their cab. Always, I guess, a danger in a job where it is sometimes necessary to go on duty at 1 in the morning.
(Or am I misinterpreting something badly?)