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  by shlustig
Located on the Erie & Ashtabula Division between Girard Jct. and Lawrence Jct.., single main track governed by TT, TO's, and Manual Block Rules.

At about 3:45AM, EXTRA 9724 EAST (47 cars + caboose) received TO #6 at Thornton Jct. (xg of NKP mainline) instructing that train to meet EXTRA 9709 WEST (17 cars + caboose) at Albion and to take siding there. X9709 WEST received this order at Linesville.

As X9724 was taking siding, X9709 failed to stop short of the Block Limit and ran into the 20th head car of X9724. The Engr. of the X9709 said that he was blinded by the headlight of the X9724 and momentarily lost his bearings. Impact speed was estimated at 10mph. 4 cars of X9724 were derailed as was the 9709 and head 4 cars of that train; no fatalities, but 4 injuries reported.