Discussion relating to the PRR, up to 1968. Visit the PRR Technical & Historical Society for more information.
  by shlustig
Located on the Lincoln Secondary between Carleton and Detroit, this single-tracked line xd the double-track main of the DT&I. Penford was a manned interlocking with both Approach and Home signals on both lines.

At about 7:40 AM as DT&I EXTRA 922 SOUTH with 1 unit and 80 cars + caboose was occupying the xg at about 20 mph, the engine crew observed PRR EXTRA 6272 NORTH (caboose hop) approaching at too fast to stop short of the diamond. The PRR train hit the 8th and 9th head cars of the DT&I derailing 4 cars. The 6272 derailed and overturned injuring the Engr. and Fireman.

The Fireman stated that he called both the "Approach" and "STOP"indications, but that the Engr. failed to reduce speed until just prior to impact. The Engr. said that he did not hear the Fireman call the signals, and he could not see them. Both brakemen and the Cond. were in the caboose.