Discussion relating to the Penn Central, up until its 1976 inclusion in Conrail. Visit the Penn Central Railroad Historical Society for more information.

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  by shlustig
Located on the Harrisburg Division between Williamsport and Rockville; single-track with TCS Rules controlled by the Operator at KASE Tower.

Train S-82 (EXTRA 7828 WEST; 2 units, 103 cars [70 x 33] + caboose, 6379 tons) Dpd. Enola Yard at about 4AM and proceeded at about 30 mph after clearing the low-speed area.

Train UY-328 (EXTRA 7095 EAST; 2units, 104 loads of coal + caboose, 9810 tons) had a crew change at Linden. Crew was on duty at Newberry Yard at 1:10AM, cabbed to meet the train, but stopped at an Inn for about 50" before meeting the train at Linden. The train Dpd. at about 3:25AM and received train orders from the Operator at KASE at about 5AM and proceeded at about 35 mph. The train entered Boyles Siding at about 5:20AM, failed to stop at the east end, ran through the switch which was lined for S-82 to hold the main, and collided with S-82 a short distance eastward.

S-82 was less than 1/4-mile from the east end of BOYLES when UY-328 ran out onto the main track.

Both head-end crews were killed. 4 units and 45 cars were derailed. Damage cost was approximately $1,000,000. The locomotive fuel tanks ruptured and the spilled fuel ignited.