• 2022 Cross-Country Amtrak Trip; Thoughts?

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  by NaugyRR
Hey Everyone,

My girlfriend and I are exploring the possibility of taking a cross-country Amtrak trip next year to see what's on the other side of the Hudson River. I've only flown as far west as Indiana once for a trip with the FFA, and she's gone way further east (Ireland, Austria, Germany, Italy, etc.), but never west. I just upgraded my Amtrak MasterCard to the World edition which includes two companion tickets each year.

The routing I'd like to take would be as follows...

Albany - Chicago via the Lake Shore Limited
Overnight stay in Chicago @ Residence Inn Chicago Downtown/Loop (Will Uber from/to station)

Chicago - Seattle via the Empire Builder
Overnight stay in Seattle @ Embassy Suites by Hilton Seattle Downtown Pioneer Square (Walking distance from/to station)

Seattle - LA via the Coast Starlight
Overnight stay in LA @ DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Los Angeles Downtown (Will Uber from/to station)

LA - Chicago via the Southwest Chief
Another overnight stay in Chicago @ Residence Inn Chicago Downtown/Loop (Will Uber from/to station)

Chicago - Albany via the Lake Shore Limited

Has anyone taken this routing or similar before? Does anyone have any tips, suggestions, or otherwise? What would be the best way to save money on train tickets for this trip? I know ticket prices are cheapest the furthest out date-wise, and I plan on using my companion tickets for the two most expensive legs (which appear to be the Starlight and the SWC). I'm also hoping Amtrak will have a promotion for their fiftieth. We would be booking bedrooms on each leg; we think a roomette would be too small for the two of us.

So please, share your thoughts and past experiences. Neither of us have done an overnight train journey, but we have experimented with booking a bedroom on 449 BOS - ALB to see if we could manage it, and both of us are game.

Jesse :-D
  by Gilbert B Norman
Well, that sounds about like my first rail trip West made during May '62 (21yo).

It started from NY on the Century, North Coast Limited to Seattle, UP (no name) to Portland, Shasta Daylight to SF, Coast Daylight to LA, "down and back" to San Diego, Super to Chi, Broadway to NY.

While all rail was Sleeper or Parlor, hopefully any hotel at which I stayed has been razed. You wouldn't catch me near 'em today.

Amazing that trip can "more or less" can still be taken - 59 years later!

I realize the on-board experience - even if full service "Dining" is restored - will hardly equal mine. But it's what you got; so make the best of it.

And finally I hope it goes without saying - don't even THINK about making such a journey in Coach.
  by Greg Moore
Did similar for our honeymoon in 96.
LSL to Chicago, but no overnight stay.
Southwest Chief to Flagstaff, hiked the Grand Canyon and then back on to LA
Night there with friends.
Then Coat Starlight up to Oakland, another stay with friends
Then Zephyr to Chicago and then back on the LSL.
We mailed out thank you notes from some place out west since we had plenty of time on the train.
The Zephyr through the Rockies is incredible.
The Chief through New Mexico is amazing.
The plains states... after awhile just corn. Sorry folks.

Loved it, would do it again.

2 years ago did Coast Starlight again from LA up to Klamath Falls Or. Wonderful trip.
I have yet to do the Empire Builder, but on my list.
  by FatNoah
I did a similar trip in 2008, but took the Zephyr going west and the Texas Eagle coming east back to Chicago.

It was a great trip and I plan to do a future trip with a similar routing to yours, except I'd work the Cardinal in somewhere.

Highlight of my trip was having wine and cheese with Gene Shallit on the Eastbound LSL.
  by rohr turbo
I would recommend the Zephyr for one of your cross-Rockies directions. Also for variety maybe Capitol or Cardinal for Albany-NY-Chicago? WB LSL is all nighttime anyway. It should be a great trip and lucky that you have a gf who's a good sport.
  by STrRedWolf
My initial plans are to fly out to Seattle, hang out with a friend in Yakima, then pick up the Empire Builder to Chicago. Overnight in Chicago, then take the LSL to Boston. Stay for the MIT Flea Market and then take the Acela or Regional back home to Baltimore/BWI.

For a full round trip?
  • Regional or MARC to DC
  • Crecent to New Orleans
  • Overnight in New Orleans
  • Sunset Limited to LA
  • Overnight in LA
  • Coast Starlight to Seattle
  • Visit friend in Yakima for a day or two.
  • Grab the Empire Builder in Kennewick to Chicago
  • Overnight in Chicago.
  • LSL to Boston
  • Overnight in Boston, timed to the MIT flea market... maybe 2 day.
  • Acela down to Baltimore/BWI (MARC last step)
Around the bend. Granted, I'll want to do DC/Chicago for a convention, although I'm tempted to also just head up to Boston, meet up with a friend there, hit the MIT Flea Market, then come back down.
  by J.D. Lang
Go for it Jessie and your friend. My experiences and suggestions are as follows.

Back in the fall of 1976 I bought a 30 day USA Railpass that gave me unlimited coach travel. I started my trip in New Haven, went to DC, and changed trains to Southern Railways Crescent to New Orleans. From there I took the Sunset Limited to LA. In LA I took the Coast Starlight all the way to Seattle then the Builder back to Chicago. From there I took the San Francisco Zephyr to Denver and a bus to Scottsbluff NE. to spend time with a friend who just started to work for BN. After that I headed back east via the SFZ. Some sections I was able to upgrade to a sleeper so I didn’t have to go coach all of the way. Glad I did it back then as I was able to enjoy the dome cars, full dome lounge cars, and full dining service from the heritage era. Also the Southern’s Cresent was still their train and they ran a proud clean first class service.

As others have said if you can fit the CZ through the Rockies do it as I also rode that train from SLC to Denver in the mid 80’s. The scenery through Glenwood canyon, Byers and Gore canyons is spectacular. You will like the Builder and Coast Starlight for the Mountain scenery and the beach running on the CS.

One thing I want to point out about the bedroom on the LSL. If you are boarding the sleeper in Albany they may have ticketed you to be on the 449 section of 449/49 where the sleeper is right behind the engines. The NY sleepers are at the back of the combined train with the VII diner just ahead of it. Myself I wouldn’t want to hear the horns all night and when you want to go to the diner then you have to walk six or seven cars back to get to it. One way to tell is when you get your e-tickets check the car number. The NY sleepers are usually something like 4910 or 4911. If you don’t have those numbers and want to change them you can call the Amtrak 800 number early and they will change them. I did that last year to get an even number roomette so I could be on the river side going up the Hudson. Myself I’ve already booked a trip in mid June with roomettes on the LSL & SWC for a round trip from NYC to Albuquerque.

Best of luck on your future trip.