• 2020 Spring Train Show Schedule for Upstate NY

  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.

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  by lvrr325
In what should be no surprise to anyone:

the Binghamton Regional Train Show is also now CANCELLED -

Jeff Olin called me just a little while ago and wanted to make it clear he didn't cancel, the Legion did. They may have had no choice with King Andy's 500 person limit.

and so it goes. Or doesn't.
  by Benjamin Maggi
At least we all got to enjoy Springfield this year!
  by Izzy0575
The show April 18th and 19th in Fulton ny is still on. We have no plans to cancel and besides it's still over a month away
  by lvrr325
I was about to post that.

The other two TTCS shows, N. Tonowanda and Lockport are both still on schedule as of now as well.

FWIW, I went out today, had to go to the DMV and on a Friday noon had only a 70 minute wait, a clerk remarked it was much less busy than usual. My guess is even if some of these shows were held attendance would be down, your die hard guys would mostly come and the sales not be off too badly but the more causal folks wouldn't be there.

I'm actually wondering if it would be worth promoting a show somewhere in like May, presuming this thing kicks over, just to make up for all the lost shows.

FWIW, we're not alone, I'm seeing elsewhere events all across the country are being cancelled.

What a difference a week makes!!!

The Jersey Central Chapter NRHS show in Clark, NJ had a turnout of at least
500 from what one of the staffers mentioned to me around the time of the
show closing - they should have an admission total determined at some point.
The JCRHS Show may have been postponed/cancelled if it were this weekend...

Does anyone have an idea of the show attendance in Scranton, PA and Camillus, NY
on 3/7 and/or 3/8?

Taking note to the train show postponements/cancellations on this weekend (3/14-15)
I will add that there is one local LI train show that looks to be among these changes (Bethpage, LI, HS-3/14; 11AM to 3:30 PM) and that three St. Patrick's Day Parades
scheduled on LI are among event changes noted this weekend. The Bethpage show
flyer shows only a phone number that is "not taking calls" (yesterday or today-check
show status) for further information.

For the coming weeks it pays to check in advance and make sure any public event
scheduled that one plans to attend has not been changed in some manner.

Be safe all and hope for the best...MACTRAXX
  by granton junction
I attended the Scranton show last week (March 8). This was my first time so I cannot compare previous attendance, but it was crowded. It was also a good show and worthwhile to attend. I found some obscure HO stuff that I was interested in. I am still healthy. I think that it was unlikely that anybody got infected with COVID-19, but what a difference a week can make with the train shows and cancellations. Maybe there can be 'make-up' shows later in the year. My only problem with the Scranton show was that parking was a bit tight at the venue (Radisson - exDL&W stn and offices).
GJ: Thanks for the report about the Scranton show.
All three train shows scheduled for the weekend of March 7-8 had good attendance.

A more extensive listing of train shows around the US along with some from Canada.
Note the Kingston, NY train show scheduled on Sunday March 22.

In the short term any show is going to be subject to postponement or cancellation.
Check with the venue or promoter for more information...MACTRAXX
  by tree68
Not a train show, but I was mildly surprised that no one challenged our holding our FD chicken BBQ this past weekend. It went off without a hitch.

There's a lot of scare going on, significant portions unwarranted. Wash your hands, sneeze into your elbow, if you're weakened, be extra careful.
  by lvrr325
I posted previously about the Camillus show.

Again, New Jersey is outside of the scope of this thread. Railserve is outside the scope of this thread.

I used to do the Scranton show and would likely have this year if it had been the week before. The parking is tight and the tables are tight too - it's the only show I know of where tables are back to back and people in those rows have to work from the front. It's also very dark in the ballroom. I've only included it on that basis and because for many Southern Tier people it's no different than driving to say Syracuse or Rochester.

I spoke by email with Bob Kleinmann who promotes the two TTCS shows in April and as of this date both are still on, I didn't ask about N. Tonowanda specifically but I did ask about Lockport. However that could change at any moment, they seem to be good with updating their website so I would keep an eye there if you plan to go, I would imagine if they cancel that's the first place you will see it.

I've dropped an email to Kingston but I'd be shocked if it's not also cancelled given the governor's ban on how many people can assemble in a group setting. That currently expires at the end of the month.
  by lvrr325
No reply from Kingston but it's probably safe to assume cancelled. Group limit is now 50 and they're pushing to make it 10.

Batavia show - if you had tables there YOU NEED TO CONTACT THEM and tell them if you want a refund or to hold the money until the fall. If you do not contact them you forfeit both.

Fall Fulton show is moving to the Volney Fire Department, east side of the river on Rt. 3 a little bit outside of the city. It saves them money, increases security and reduces parking issues while maintaining roughly the same square footage.

Based on what I'm seeing in the news I would start planning for April shows to be cancelled. Not for any real reason other than absurd predictions and fear, but they're the people in charge so not much we can do.
  by Dick H
Ron's Books posted this message today 3/17

For those of you who attend shows please be advised that the Kingston, NY show on March 22nd and the May 2nd & 3rd Timonium shows have been canceled.
  by lvrr325
Timonium sent out a mass email to everyone on their contact list, which I am somehow on. Early May is really too far out to be cancelling yet, I think, but the Maryland governor never put a sunset on the limit for gatherings like Cuomo did so right now they don't have much choice in the matter. They did note they may try to put on a replacement show, later, if things change and we get back to normal.

I'm going to do the fall schedule early because most of the dates are pretty well confirmed now and there's a chance some of these spring only shows may want to just hold their event come fall. Right now the only one not on it's normal weekend is Binghamton, which is going to be Nov. 28th - the only date they could get, it puts them opposite Norwich but it's early enough maybe Norwich can shift that a week. That per the promoter himself this afternoon.

TTCS has all their shows scheduled except Olean, I've seen flyers for Buffalo Central Terminal, Syracuse, Fulton, Hamburg had their date announced at the Feb, show, and RIT already has theirs set. Albany Polish Home is set too, and I think GTE knows their date already. Seems like I saw a flyer for Massena already too. That's about half. I can predict most of the others based on past dates and note which ones likely won't update until much later, like Kingston. TCA, that additional weekend show just before Christmas north of Buffalo and a few others will be wild cards.

Because Binghamton is later, their usual Saturday looks like it will be open in the week between Syracuse and Hamburg, if somebody needs to reschedule to a prime in-season date with no conflicts.

The November Fulton show is also moving to the Volney Fire Department, which is east of Fulton a mile or so. It's about the same space, with easier parking and less overhead for them, plus better security.

I'll do a separate post in a day or two once I get it all organized.
  by lvrr325
Add Amsterdam to the list of postponed shows. Per email a little while ago, looks like it may have been on Facebook yesterday.

They want to hold it in the fall, in September, I suggested October would be better.
  by lvrr325
To what I am sure is the shock of no one, I see the TTCS Trains in the Tonowandas show for April 5th is also now showing cancelled.

I wouldn't be at all surprised to see the Fulton show and Lockport shows cancelled at this point too.