• 2020 Spring Train Show Schedule for Upstate NY

  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.

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  by lvrr325
Don't know what to tell you, Jeff Olin at Village Train in Wndsor promotes that show, usually there's a Facebook page and a couple of local event listings.
  by lvrr325
Hamburg is this weekend.

I may have some new Atlas auto racks there. But I'm probably going to put out mostly used junk this time.
  by lvrr325
I brought more junk because that's all people want to buy out there is junk, although I did sell a few Accurail kits.

I mean, I sold a Tyco Chattanooga 0-8-0 - and not just any one, but the last one, which was a stripped down Mehano USRA 2-8-2.

Sales were much better than in November, although I still got a few people so insanely cheap it wasn't funny. Picks up a car marked $15, wants to give me $10 for that AND another car. Yeah no thanks.

Also, have one new date to add:

Sunday, 3/8 - Sanborn - Train show sponsored by Chuck's Train House at the fire hall. Sanborn is a little bit west of Niagara Falls. Just what western NY needs, ANOTHER show. But for those inclined there's also a couple of antiques places up there, a farm museum, and the Falls Road (CSX here?).
tree68 wrote: Mon Jan 27, 2020 6:49 pm Amherst attendance was 18,054, with just over 11,000 of that being Saturday's door.
lvrr325 wrote: Mon Jan 27, 2020 11:25 pm I believe it. I didn't spend as much there as some past years. Not a lot of deals to be had. A lot of things that looked like deals but you look online and find no that's about what those bring right now.
LVRR and Tree:
Interesting information about the ARHS Springfield show...I have not posted
in about three weeks and wanted to find out more about this event.

From the attendance numbers that Tree posted: 18,054 x 15 = $270,810.00
On Saturday alone: 11,000 x 15 = $165,000.00 if all listed were actual paid
admissions - is the actual attendance number even higher counting vendors
and other staffers at the show? These "paid" admissions show a good gate...

Could the lack of so-called "bargains" at the ARHS Show be because the show
overhead in full for vendors and others attending is very costly?

I noted the mention of Izzy's new two-day show in Fulton, NY. With a new show
of this type will it take time to become "established" with vendors and patrons?
Would it be worthwhile to return for the Sunday hours depending on how well
that you do on the Saturday since the distance from Syracuse is reasonable?

Another thought came to my mind remembering your past reviews of train shows-
Is there any that are worthwhile to attend just to "pick"? What I am thinking is to
either not set up and just "hunt" or bring along help to allow you time to walk a
given show? If you would rather not say any specific show I do understand...

Thanks again in advance for any feedback on the subjects...MACTRAXX
  by lvrr325
Normally even the slowest show at least breaks even on costs to be there. Then it's up to the picks to make the money.

Springfield is the show I pick, because it's just too much to try to set up, the time and added costs plus it's too busy to leave the table so if I want to go pick things while set up, I'd need a helper. There's also added paperwork to keep the state of Massachusetts happy. It's not like shows I did in NC and SC where they didn't care if you had a tax number.

Each table order likely includes one paid admission and any helpers have to be paid for separately. That's how one of the big car shows does it, although if you buy a second spot as a separate transaction you get a second pass. The gamble doing that at a train show is you may not get tables together because they decide where you go.

I said before I wasn't sure Sunday will be worth the cost to go back to. I haven't even been to the fall show in Fulton in probably 15 years or better now, so I have nothing to compare to, no idea what even that attendance is. The only thing I can predict is if they can't get 500 in each day then sales will barely cover the fuel cost.
  by granton junction
Can anybody confirm the Binghamton train show in March so far as location, date, and time? I have not found any definite references to it. Thank you.
  by nydepot
I contacted the hobby shop in Windsor and he confirmed it for the American Legion on Robinson St. Opens at 10.
  by lvrr325
If I put it up and say it's confirmed, it's confirmed; that's what this thread is for. In this case, I got the flyer in the mail in December and have already paid for a spot there, plus they had the flyers out at some other shows. Why they've dragged their feet this year on the usual Facebook and so forth I don't know.

Eastwood on Sunday was down a little from their average attendance, probably because the weather was very nice. I didn't do as well as some past years but I still sold more per person there than any other show I go to, so no complaints. Biggest problem is they've lost some vendors who've simply passed on, Bernie Duerr and another gentleman who used to sell there no longer with us. But that's the first show I ever sold trains at, so I'll go there until either myself or the club is gone, too.
  by granton junction
Thank you for your prompt responses. I just wanted a definite confirmation since there was nothing about the Binghamton show except on this discussion list. I would be driving a longer distance and wanted to be sure that the show was on, and I needed the location and time. I lived in Endicott many years ago, and I like to revisit there. JJ Young Jr and Tom Trenkansky (spelling?) were friends of mine. There was also a small hobby shop (in Johnson City I think) that I liked to buy stuff from.