• 2 struck by ‘scenic train’ in Wareham, officials say

  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New England
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New England

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  by Teamdriver
WAREHAM — State police responded to a report of two people struck by a train here Saturday night and the incident could potentially be fatal, an official said.

The incident involved a “South Coastal Scenic train that reportedly struck two pedestrians on tracks,’’ David Procopio, a department spokesman, said in an e-mail.

The incident occurred around 8:15 p.m. near 72 Minot Ave., he said.

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  by BowdoinStation
What a tragedy, a sad tragedy that didn't need to happen. Kudos to WHDH-TV 7, the dethroned NBC Affiliate, for being the only news gathering organization to have correctly report that the couple was sadly, trespassing on the tracks. Some of the stuff I have read out there in the media was clearly being reported or written by the inept. Multiple news sources have referred to the location as on the Cape Cod "Maine" Line.. My heart goes out to their kids who are now without parents. A senseless, meaningless ending to a young couple, just to remind all that "Tracks are for Trains".. Great job to their train crew for keeping the little ones occupied.. Of course none of the media or the railroad discussed the importance of staying the hell of the tracks.. Rant over..
  by Safetee
I think that continually dwelling on the fact that people who walk on railroad right of ways are trespassing is a waste of time. If that was the only serious issue, then the railroads might be inclined to spend billions to put up fences like they do to protect cattle.

The real issue in my opinion is that if you walk on and about railroad tracks and you get hit by a train you are either going to be dead or in an awful lot of pain. Because trains are so few and largely invisible to most people, thinking about what could happen to "you" if a train shows up where you are walking is a non mental event. The average person today has no concept about "expect a train on any track, at any time, in either direction, much less the plain facts that trains can not steer to the left or to the right and, because of the massive weight and slim wheel rail interface, they can't stop on a dime either.

A fairly recent true story that really illustrates our zero rail safety comprehension society is about a woman in suburban New York whose car roof was struck by a lowering crossing gate. The woman stops her car on the track, gets out of the vehicle to observe the damage to her car, and then she gets back in the car. The car and the driver are quickly destroyed by the approaching commuter train.

If Operation Life Saver could devote more time educating the public about the very real bodily danger that they are in when they are on the tracks, then I think that we would be getting somewhere in slowing down the carnage on the rails.
  by DutchRailnut
to say that railroads must fence in their right off way is about as stupid as telling your kids its ok to play on a highway as long as its not fenced ??
any wingnut walking on railroad tracks is a trespasser , the FRA, the local police and courts agree, you seem to be only one not, just sayinn.

it would be financially impossible to fence in all railroads just to guard against common sense by stupid people ?
  by highrail
I wonder if they will tell us what actually happened. It is hard to believe that it was accidental given the bright light of the train in the darkness and the horn of the train. The idiotic headline in the Globe, "No Charges against train operator in fatal crash", treats this like a car crash. How about the trauma inflicted upon the crew dealing with this incident? Gee, no mention of that...

  by Narrowgauger
Its all over the local news, just look it up. The short of it is 2 junkies playing shoot me up, thought sitting on the tracks was a good idea. they lived in the woods nearby. Both had a very long criminal history. Thank god her kids had been taken away a long time ago. I feel for the train crew. And the children on the train. They were told they stopped for more magical Christmas fuel. But only in MA would you read this ...."The engineer will not be facing charges" WTF charges would he have to face?? What crapola......
  by Hux
I had the same reaction to the headline. Unfortunately, it seems that most journalists/editors are not familiar with the operation of a railroad. However, I wouldn't call it crapola when we have seen instances of cell phone use by engineers (Chatsworth) and LRV operators. Some readers are going to think "why didn't the train stop?" (again, conjuring images of a LRV plodding along the Green Line) thinking it would stop on a dime and thus the "driver" is at fault.
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  by BowdoinStation
The Mainstream media seemed to report with the idea that the train can magically swerve around the unwise and trespassing violators/victims or the train can just 'hit the brake' and stop. I know I am Speaking to the choir here. Late last summer, The reporterette at the only television news organization in New Hampshire totally botched her story when she reported what 'appears to be a military train' that hit an inebriated homeless trespasser almost behind the Eyeball Action News 9 Studios in Manchester in the middle of the night. Again, Nothing said about the trespasser trespassing and didn't belong on the tracks, etc. etc. Amazingly that lucky SOB survived. There almost should be an 'automatic response' with the "Operation Lifesaver" basics, but then again, these people are not watching the news, lack common sense, and can give a sh*t about themselves or anybody else for that matter.
  by Narrowgauger
This time it wasn't the reporter as much as the way he said it. " The police chief said after careful investigation the engineer will not face any charges" Investigation?? And just what charges would he face? Two junkies playing on the tracks and just what was he supposed to do?