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  by shlustig
The 2-unit Brunswick Helper had assisted EXTRA 4294 EAST from Rocks to Gaithersburg and reported to the Operator at QN by radio. Because the Helper crew was on short time, the Dispatcher put out an order for the Helper to return to Rocks on Tk.2 against the current of traffic with a "Clear Block" message.

Unfortunately, Train #88 (3 units, 90cars [49 x 41], 5216 tons) was proceeding eastward on Tk. 2. This train acknowledged an "Approach" signal and was moving at about 25 mph onto a right-hand curve when it collided with the Brunswick Helper which was moving at 35 or so mph. The crews of both trains were injured, All locomotive units were derailed, fuel tanks ruptured, fuel ignited, and both tracks were blocked. Only a couple of cars were derailed.

Nearby residents reported the collision and responding fire departments quickly controlled the fire and transported the crew members.

This accident shortly after the B&O had installed TCS on part of the territory and rearranged the train dispatching function to eliminate one of three desks.