Discussion relating to the B&O up to it's 1972 merger into Chessie System. Visit the B&O Railroad Historical Society for more information. Also discussion of the C&O up to 1972. Visit the C&O Historical Society for more information. Also includes the WM up to 1972. Visit the WM Historical Society for more information.
  by shlustig
Located on the Chicago Division, the B&O mainline was crossed by the NKP's Indy / Michigan City line and the NYC's South Bend / Kankakee route.

A B&O section gang was using a track motor car and 2 trailers to resupply the station and the interlocking tower with coal taken from a hopper car in the yard. The yard was on the south side of the mainline while the tower was on the north side between the NKP and NYC crossings.

The section foreman arranged with the tower operator for protection against B&O trains as it was necessary to occupy and crossover the main tracks. The arrangement was that if the route was lined out of the yard it would be OK to make the necessary moves.

The track motor car was pushing 2 trailers with 5 people aboard towards the tower when they were hit by NYC EXTRA 2800 WEST (Eng. 2800 & 65 cars + caboose) on the NYC diamonds. Impact speed was about 40 mph, and 2 employees were killed and the others were injured.

Visibility for both the NYC and the B&O was obstructed, and the tower operator apparently made no effort to warn or protect the M/W force.