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  by shlustig
Located on the Ft. Wayne division between Crestline and Ft. Wayne. At 7PM it was dark and there was heavy mist and some rain.

PASSENGER EXTRA 6110 WEST (6110 + 12 cars) had been following a slow-moving freight train for 16+ miles and had stopped several times in response to signal indications and flagman's signals. As it was proceeding at about 5 mph prepared to stop again, it was rear-ended by Train #43 (Eng. 5399 & 7 cars) which was moving at about 10 mph after having complied with 2 "Stop & Proceed" signals. The vision ahead for the enginemen on 5399 was obscured by drifitng smoke from an eastbound train and by excessive steam vented from the train ahead. Also, the crew of the train ahead had failed to drop fusees as required to protect their train.

No equipment was derailed, but 6 passengers and 14 employees were injured, most of the employees being the personnel working the diner on each train.