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  by shlustig
Located on the Southwestern Region between Logansport and Indianapolis.

PRR crossed both the MONON's single track at a non-interlocked crossing protected by "STOP" signs, and about 1000' further the NKP's joint Clover Leaf and LE&W District single-track mainline at grade protected on the PRR side by "STOP"" signs and a manually operated signal under the control of a switchtender.

PRR Train #93 (Units 5802A & 5798B, 1 bag, 4 coaches, 1 parlor, 2 diners, 8 sleepers) stopped as required for the MONON xg and the engineer observed that the signal at the NKP xg indicated "PROCEED" for the PRR. He said the indication remained when #93 stopped as required for the NKP xg. After starting up, he observed an NKP train closely approaching the diamond but had insufficient distance to stop before the low speed collision.

NKP Train #57 ((Eng. 557, caboose, 61 cars, caboose) stopped as required and then received both a target signal and a hand signal from the switchtender to proceed toward Frankfort Yard. Just before occupying the diamond, the fireman observed #93 closely approaching and called a warning, but there was insufficient distance to stop.

The engines of both trains collided. No fatalities, 52 reported injuries.

The NKP switchtender stated that the signal was never cleared for the PRR, and the PRR operator at "FRANK" stated that it showed "PROCEED" for #93 when she hooped up train orders to #93 after opposing #92 cleared the main track.

The ICC noted that since the signal at the NKP crossing was not a track-circuited signal, it could be changed at any time and therefore the carrier should install an interlocking for the xg.