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  by shlustig
Located on the Trenton Branch of the Philadelphia Division. ABS territory and cab signals.

EXTRA 4774 WEST (70 cars + caboose) was assisted by Motor 4770 of the following train (EXTRA 4770 WEST (90 cars + caboose) on an ascending grade at MA Block Station. 4770 returned to its train and departed after a brake test.

X 4774 stopped at Roxton and took the head 31 cars to a point west of there in order to set out the 31st car which had a hot journal. The flagman had dropped fusees as the train slowed to a stop and then dismounted to provide flag protection. He lit a fusee as he observed the following train approach but his signals were not acknowledged.

X 4770 Dp. MA and proceeded at about 30 mph. It passed the "Approach" and "STOP & PROCEED" signals without reducing speed and at about 1:10AM impacted the rear end of the X4774 at about 30 mph killing the engineer and fireman. There was no indication that the brakes were applied prior to the collision. The head brakeman was riding the rear cab of the engine and said that the engineer had acknowledged the drop in the cab signals.
  by Allen Hazen
How far was the location of the collision from the passed STOP & PROCEED signal?
  by Allen Hazen
The Wikipedia article on the P5a says that 4770 was rebuilt as a "Modified" in 1945, which says something about the extent of the "wreck repairs" required after this collision.
  by PRRgrandson
The photos in the Philadelphia Inquirer article of 2/14/44 show the extent of the damage to 4770 as well as the standing train: images attached. This was from a clipping handed down in our family - the fireman who was killed was my grandfather.
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The later ICC report discounted the possibility, but, as per the article, all on site at the wreck believed the engineer/fireman had been incapacitated just prior to the crash.