• 1910 Portland Timetables - B&M, MCRR, GT, streetcars

  • Discussion relating to the pre-1983 B&M and MEC railroads. For current operations, please see the Pan Am Railways Forum.
Discussion relating to the pre-1983 B&M and MEC railroads. For current operations, please see the Pan Am Railways Forum.

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  by markhb
A friend and co-worker found a copy of the June, 1910 edition of Whitney's Pocket Guide to Portland, Maine buried either under the floor or inside the wall of his barn, and gave it to me to scan in. I've completed the scanning, and posted it at http://photobucket.com/PortlandMeGuide1910 . It contains a pile of rail timetables I thought might be of interest to the members of this group:
  • B&M Western Division Boston to Portland (unfortunately, the Portland to Boston page is missing, the only apparently missing table as all others list both directions);
  • B&M Eastern Division between Boston and Portland;
  • B&M Worcester, Nashua and Portland Division between Portland (Preble St.) and Rochester/Worcester;
  • Union Branch service connecting Union Station, Preble St. Station and Portland Junction;
  • MCRR, Portland to Bangor and Bar Harbor, primarily via the Lower Road;
  • MCRR, Portland to Rockland and Farmington;
  • MCRR Mountain Division, Portland to the White Mountains, Montreal and Quebec;
  • MCRR, Portland to Lewiston and Skowhegan via the Back Road, as well as to Rumford Falls, Rangeley Lakes and Moosehead (Kineo Short Line);
  • GT between Portland and Montreal plus the Lewiston-Lewiston Junction connector;
  • Condensed timetables and route info for the entire Portland streetcar/trolley system;
  • Other goodies such as the Casco Bay Ferry schedules, steamship departures, Post Office info that mentions when trains carrying mail arrive and depart, etc,
  • Plus a host of vintage advertisements.
I hope people will enjoy it, and maybe find it at least of interest if not actually useful. I'm hoping to add descriptions that will textualize a lot of the info, including names of people and businesses and associated addresses, but I wanted to get it online first.
  by MEC407
Awesome! I can't wait to take a look. Thanks so much for taking the time to scan and post this stuff for us. :-D
  by CarterB
markhb, THANKS!!! great info there. Particularly the trolley info and for me the line/s up to Rangeley Lakes
  by eastwind
What a find! Thanks for sharing.
Took me a minute to realize that by hovering over the thumbnails you can get the full title of the page and go right to the page you're interested in.
I'll bet you typed those all in by hand....
Thanks again.