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  by shlustig
Guthrie was a reference point 5 miles east of Lucas which is between Loudonville and Mansfield.

Extra 6191 East (78 cars + caboose) passed Lucas @ 2AM and stopped due to an undesired brake application caused by a burst air hose. The crew flagged ahead and behind their train. About 20" after stopping, they were rear-ended by following train Extra 8263 East (50 cars + caboose) which failed to comply with restrictive signals and impacted at about 25 mph. 12 cars, 1 caboose, and the engine and tender of the following train were derailed and obstructed the adjacent track.

Immediately after the collision, westbound passenger train #63 ran into the wreckage and derailed the double-headed locomotives and 6 cars. One of the cars stopped against the firebox of the 2nd engine and steam from the broken turret valves was directed into the car. Of the 19 fatalities and 139 injuries, most of the fatalities occurred in that car.

The engineer of the following train claimed that the 166 Signal showed Proceed and that he had only a 1500-ft sight distance on the Stop & Proceed displayed by the 164 Signal with the rear-end of the 1st train just beyond that signal. The Fireman and Head Brakeman of the 2nd train jumped and were killed.