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All about the Arcade & Attica Railroad

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  by joesbag
Short write-up in the Batavia Daily News regarding the 100 year anniversary celebration of the A&A

http://www.thedailynewsonline.com/bdn01 ... d-20170530" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
  by mkirsch
Fighting the Civil War with #18 would be like fighting WWII with Abrams tanks and F-18 Hornets.

It always makes me chuckle when they associate Civil War stuff with the A&A.
  by joesbag
The June 1 edition of the Arcade Herald also had a front page story on the anniversary.
  by Benjamin Maggi
Very cool. I won't make it up until the first Saturday in July, when they are also doing some special things.