• $1.5 million for intermodal facitity in Jamestown.

  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.

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  by videobruce
In the Buffalo News yestersday one of the state transportation projects included $1.5 million for a intermodal facility to be buit in Jamestown. Also $1 million for one in Dunkirk.
These are state projects.

I was unable to find the article from their web site (no surprise, their site sucks anyway).
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  by videobruce
I typed in 'transportation' for a search and it didn't turn up anything even though the subject was transportation!

Lame media, lamer web site.

Of course, $4 million was to be spent in Black Rock for a new transflow site and that didn't happen.
  by thebishop
I believe this related to the former Erie station and passenger intermodal transportation (as opposed to intermodal freight), and that there was an article in the Post-Journal earlier this week.

  by joshuahouse
How the hell can you call it intermodel with only (presumably) busses. Certainly There won't be any passenger rail service there in any but perhaps the youngest of our lifetimes. Does Jamestown even have an airport with scheduled service? Its a great building that needs saving, but I disagree with trying to pass this off as an intermodel transportation project is really dubious.

  by roc
Jamestown does have an airport w/ scheduled service. I suspect that intermodal could come in the form of shuttles to the airport, Gray Hound service, private coach service and, of course, JARTs. Lots of buses... I know.

Also, politicians can't get money for "bus stations." It's just so old world. There's no spin value because it doesn't appear to be modern and it won't pass a sniff test.

Sure it's BS, but if representative so-in-so can get some money for Jamestown by passing gas, do you think he won't?
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  by joshuahouse
Now that I think about it, doesn't an 'Amtrak bus line' terminate in Jamestown?
  by pablo
The powers that be in Jamestown have been calling this a "multimodal" stations for a long time. They have been clear about trying to use the facility for buses, as mentioned above, but they still expect to return passenger service, of any type, to jamestown. This is greatly assisted by the Western New York RHS, which still asserts (recently, I have been told) that they will bring passenger service between Jamestown and Buffalo. This information comes from members of the city government. As long as the WNYRHS continue to lie and state that this will happen, the city can honestly suggest that the station is multimodal with a straight face. No amount of request for qualification can get the city to examine the WNYRHS' statement, and perhaps that's for the best. As soon as they realize that it can't happen, maybe the chances for multimodal funding disappear.

In any case, both the WNYP and NS have to sign off on such a trip, and it won't happen.

  by videobruce
Everyone seems to be thinking this is a 'bus/rail' station.

I take it as a truck terminal! Intermodal=as in railroad intermodal!
  by pablo
You're right in that intermodal usually implies trucks somehow. The local paper listed this money as for the continued rebuilding fo the station, which local people have titled a "multimodal" facility. When it got to Buffalo, it was changed to intermodal. The dollar amounts are the same, so I expect it's the Buffalo Snooze's fault.

By the way, there have been no plans to build an intermodal facility in Jamestown. Another reason I suspect the News was a misprint.

Dave Becker

  by videobruce
What? The Buffalo News make a mistake?????

$1.5 million would buy a sidding, maybe................surely not a van site!