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  by shlustig
Located between Ft. Wayne and Chicago. Double-track with ABS for current of traffic and MBS against the current of traffic.

At 5:55AM at VANDALE, X7093 WEST (3 units, 115 cars + cab) received train order and block authority to operate on Tk. #1 VANDALE to WARSAW to allow #59 "Liberty Limited" to operate on Tk. #2. [Dispatcher had issued a hold order for Tk.#1 to WARSAW @ 5:25AM.] X7093 stopped just east of Warsaw to avoid blocking crossings.

X9724 EAST (4 units, 119 cars + cab) approached Warsaw, failed to comply with restrictive signals, passed the tower at about 30 mph, headed around a right-hand curve, and observed the opposing train. The Engr. made an emergency application which reduced speed to about 20mph at impact. The Engr. thought that he had fallen asleep and awoke as the train hit the diamonds of the NYC xg. He said that he did not recall seeing the prior 4 signals. The fireman said that he had responded to alarm bells in the units and was out of the cab. The 2 brakemen did not observe anything.The crew had been on duty about 10' 45".

The 4 units of X9724 and 16 cars in the 2 trains were derailed, and 5 employees were injured.