Enola Yard, Eastbound classification yard?

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Enola Yard, Eastbound classification yard?

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I am modeling the Enola yard (and a lot more) for Trainz TS12.
I am looking at Google Earth, and it looks like the entire Eastbound classification yard has been ripped up. The schematic I have from 1984 shoes it is still there.
The GE images are not all that good, but compared to looking at the WB yard, it looks that the eastbound is void of track, except for the receiving (relay) tracks.

Appreciate any info.



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Re: Enola Yard, Eastbound classification yard?

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You are correct that most of that "old" east yard is now empty and wiithout trackage except for coal drags parked close to Rte. 15 and a relatively new car repair facility more towards the river. I guess what would pass for the "new" east yard sits between the car facility/engine shops and the river. That is to the east and southeast of the west hump and tower. I believe that in the old days that area of Enola was used primarily for coal drags.


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