Proper Description - C&NW Passenger Cars ~1950

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Proper Description - C&NW Passenger Cars ~1950

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I would like to explore the web for information on the passenger cars I remember the C&NW using on its north shore main-line commuter runs (Chicago - Waukegan - Milwaukee.) What I remember are cars that looked like they were once elegant, plush seats, varnished (and alligatored) wooden paneling, and, in one case, a consist in which all of the cars were gaslit (no electric lighting.) On that run, the last car even had a whistle-stop speech open vestibule. It was the last run pulled by a steam engine. I grew up a few blocks south of the Ft. Sheridan station (3328 Western Avenue) and rode both the Northwestern and the North Shore Line (electric interurban) trains from their Ft. Sheridan stops into Highland Park and back. I have very vague memories of a rail trip from Highland Park to Watersmeet, MI and back in during the period 1940-1945, in similar cars. That was when gasoline and tires were rationed because of the war effort.

Have I said enough for someone to help me?



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Re: Proper Description - C&NW Passenger Cars ~1950

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I can't speak to what's available on line.
I would contact the Chicago & North Western Historical Society. A recent issue of their quarter publication had a photo story of passenger service at Highland Park.

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