Trash Train

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Trash Train


During our NS train watching at Gallitzin and Marysvile this week we observed for the first time what I can only describe, politely, as a Trash Train. It was made up of a long string of dumster-like containers; some open, most closed...thank goodness, and all stinking.

Where and how does the train it an O&D train, or are there intermediate stops between origin and destination? How does the trash/rubbage/garbage get to where ever it is loaded and where is it loaded? Where is it destined and what is done with the vile consignment when it arrives at where ever it is destined?

When in my younger days I used the New York City subways, I would at times see a Trash Train that visited all the stations to pick up their accumulation. I doubt this is the case with NS.

Appreciate your learned input.

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P.S. To add to the trash question, we noted a number of large semi trailer rigs with Jersey registrations and marked "Municipal Waste" traveling east bound on the Pennsylvania Turnpike as we entered in Bedford, PA. We assume they were empty and returning for another load.

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Re: Trash Train

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Sounds like NS 64 and 65J both out of Jersey City and bound for Mingo Jct Ohio. They make a stop in Bridgewater, NJ at a place called BRI to set out and pick up cars depending on the day.
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