bnsf technical training center?

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bnsf technical training center?


I have always wondered this, and was wondering, is the national academy of railroad sciences owned by bnsf, operated by bnsf, or what, and are all teachers, and employees at NARS, bnsf employees, also who are the top hiring companies that hire NARS grads, because I know bnsf and kcs do, any others, also shortline railroads as well?

Gilbert B Norman
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Re: BNSF Technical Training Center?

Post by Gilbert B Norman »

Mr. Training, I realize you are a youngster (your reference to SlipKnotMaggot in a PM to me is indicative of such - I had to go to Google to find a reference to these musicians as I don't think they are exactly about to perform at Orchestra Hall) and are full of zeal to work in the railroad industry, but I think your inquiries are best handled over at this site's Employment Forum.

There appear to be "real rails', i.e. active industry employees holding Agreement positions, in abundance at that forum. This forum is largely populated by hobbyists (railfans) and people like myself who, while no longer an active railfan, was once employed by a Class I (1970-81) holding various non-Agreement positions, as well as being, for a little bit longer, a BNSF shareholder.

I wish you nothing other than success in your pursuit of a railroad career.

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Re: bnsf technical training center?

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I believe NARS is an independent, educational institution. But, since I am NOT an alumnus, someone who is, or is more familiar with the school, can fill you in on those aspects of the academy.

As for having to be a graduate of NARS in order to get a job in the industry, I don't believe it is, but having a degree can't hurt you either. (Although, I hold TWO post-secondary degrees and attended EIGHT YEARS of post-secondary education, and I haven't been hired onto the railroad (or anywhere else, for that matter)!!!).

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