New Visitor Policy on the LAL Family of Railroads

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New Visitor Policy on the LAL Family of Railroads

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Here is the new visitor policy for the LAL family of railroads, effective immediately:
Access to B&H, LAL and WNYP Property
Due to insurance requirements, we do not allow visitors to have unescorted access to our rail yards or property. Visitors to any of our railroads must be escorted by a railroad employee. Visitors who are not on business with the railroad should request permission 24 hours in advance by calling the railroad office. Permission will be supplied only if staff time and work schedules allow. A written release must be signed in person at the local railroad office.

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Re: New Visitor Policy on the LAL Family of Railroads

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As per a trusted source, the LA&L/B&H visitor policy has been recently changed. All photography (still and video alike) is now forbidden on LA&L and B&H property. I am unsure of the reason why. Although the LA&L does have a 51% controlling interest in the WNYP, the 2 RRs have separate management. Thus photography is still permitted on WNYP for now, provided the railfan signs a release and abides by WNYP rules on the subject.

Obviously, it is still legal to photograph the LA&L and B&H from public property.
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