MARC long term expansion plan (2010-2035)

Discussion related to DC area passenger rail services from Northern Virginia to Baltimore, MD. Includes Light Rail and Baltimore Subway.

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MARC long term expansion plan (2010-2035)

Post by jtrain22 » Mon May 12, 2008 7:51 pm

Add track on all three lines;

Penn line (NEC);
4 tracks from Landover MD to beyond Newark DE
(Cost of P&B tunnel replacement by Amtrak, rehab existing tunnel for use by MARC)

Camden Line;
3 tracks Union Station to Camden Station

Brunswick Line;
3 tracks Silver Spring to Point of Rock
Lengthen 2nd track east of Point of Rock

Shared project VRE;
2 new tracks across Potomac River
4 tracks Virginia Tower to beyond Alexandria.

New stations and improvements on all three lines;

Penn line (NEC);
New Carrollton: New platform
Seabrook: Parking
Odenton: Parking
Halethorpe: Parking
West Baltimore: Parking
Upton: New station in existing P&B tunnel
Baltimore Penn: Parking
Madison Square: New Station
Bayview: New station, Parking
Martin State Airport: Parking
Edgewood: Parking
Aberdeen: Relocate station, Parking
Perryville: Parking
Elkton: New station
Newark: New station

Camden Line;
College Park
Muirkirk: Parking
Laruel Racetrack: Parking
Savage: Parking
Dorsey: Parking
Camden: Lower level platform (Howard Street Tunnel)
Mt. Royal: Reopen station
Charles Village: New station
Clifton Park: New station
Bayview: New station

Brunswick Line;
Silver Spring
Kensington: Parking
Rockville: Parking
Washington Grove
Gaithersburg: Parking
Metropolitan Grove: Parking
Germantown: Parking
Boyds: Parking
Outer Montgomery: New Station
Point of Rocks: New platform, Parking
Brunswick: Parking

Other improvements;
Penn line (NEC);
Edgewood: New storage and maintenance facility
Penn Station: New storage capacity
New river crossings: Gunpower, Bush, Susquehanna
Freight connection with CSX at Aberdeen
Camden Line;
Acquire River Side maintains facility from CSX
Brunswick Line;
Brunswick maintenance facility expansion

All lines;
Add cars to trains
Increase peak service
Increase off peak service
Add night and weekend service
Express and limited stop service
Extend service on selected trains on all 3 line to Alexandria VA

And the link here


Yes!! An extention to newark DE to connect to septa!! So this means commuter service from new york to DC!!!

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Post by Sand Box John » Mon May 12, 2008 10:07 pm

Thanks for ripping my post from I would have eventually gotten around cross posting it here.
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Post by realtype » Tue May 13, 2008 12:08 am

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