LNE Portland/Bangor Area Questions

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LNE Portland/Bangor Area Questions


Hi gang.....

After reading my "Only Yesterday On The Lehigh And New England" book this morning, I have a few questions. Does anybody know if the roadbed of the Bangor and East Bangor Quarry branches survive? I don't know the area that well, and I figure there are some local roadbed hunters like Ken (NJVIKE) out there that may know. Also, in the book author Fischer makes a reference to two separate Portland (LNE-DLW) interchanges, the more famous "Keller Connection" outside of town, and then one closer into the town itself, much closer to the Delaware River bridge. I always knew of the more "popular" Keller Connection interchange, but do either remain enough to be hiked/explored today? I tried look using Google Maps, but forwhatever eason, that area is not visible once you zom in. Any help is appreciated before I make the road trip out there.

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There's the old freight house in town that is still there. Some fellow found the Roseto branch a while back. Check the other posts for that one. He put up a comprehensive map of the area.

Best bet is to download google earth and get a birds eye view of things before you go. You can zoom in and actually see RR tracks...if they are there. Program rocks, just need a pretty good computer.

Please let us know if any of the areas you find are suitable for walking, biking on.

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I'll try to explain what I know.

About 2 years ago, there was a bus trip that followed the DLnW BnP branch. There were 2 former DLnW employees on the bus. They explained how the LNE and the DLnW interchanged at "Hill Yard" just outside of Portland. On the way there between Hill Yard and 611 there was an old RR bridge over a creek in the woods next to the road. From what I recall, The 2 DLnW guy's couldn't remember what was on that bridge but it may have been an earlier interchange track. I don't know what road this was on but if you follow the side streets between 611 and hill yard you might see it. It was right off the side of the street. Hopefully this is what your talking about.

That bus trip was great!!! I wish there was a video recorded that day. Way too much info to remember. That was a neat area on the RR.
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