Our wonderful little L&H in TRAINS Famous Trains

Discussion of the L&HR and its predecessor the Warwick Valley Railroad for the period 1860-1976 at its inclusion with ConRail

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Our wonderful little L&H in TRAINS Famous Trains

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Despite its minor league 72 mile length, the L&H still survives in a new Kalmbach product.

The "Famous Trains Card Set" actually features passenger AND freight, and wouldn't you know it the "Central States Dispatch" has a card devoted to it. The little L&H is noted as part of the routing.

For the newer L&H enthusiast check out Kalmbach's GREAT FREIGHT TRAINS special issue that reprints the story of this famous train, and a section is devoted to Paul Early (L&H Superintendent) with TRAINS Wallace Abbey, from Allentown to Maybrook. This train ran for more years than I can recall, originated in Cumberland, MD and terminated in Boston, with a consistent 36 hour run time. It ran as B&O as CSD-96, then WM 96 to Harrisburg. It then became HO-6, RDG, CNJ and L&H. This train was replaced by the B&O Time Savers early 1960 but by then as they say "the hand writing was on the wall".

When I wanted a cab ride I just knew to drive in behind Steckles Concrete in P'burg about 6 am and there it would be!!

I worked in logistics most of my life but experienced few trains compared with the consistent performance of the CSD, and the little L&H was a very proud participant.

Joseph Meyers

PS: I venture to guess to get a car from Cumberland to Boston today would run three, four times the CSD - maybe 36 hours just to Chambersburg PA interchange!!

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