MU assignments in Conrail days

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MU assignments in Conrail days

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Maybe not the right forum to post in, but I have a questions. I have seen various pictures from the mid to late 1970s, prior to the CC Commuter Tunnel, of Reading MUs running on Pennsy rails. My question is how did they get there?! Did they use the Swampoodle connection, or did they get there in some other fashion?

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Re: MU assignments in Conrail days

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They may very well have used the Blue Line connection at Wayne Junction and then down through Falls Junction to Zoo. There was still a physical connection at Zoo between Conrail and Amtrak at that time.

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Re: MU assignments in Conrail days

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There was also a connecting track / industrial track between West Trenton and Trenton.

Midvale Yard also had a connecting track between Nicetown (RDG) and the Chestnut Hill West branch.

Was there ever a connection in Norristown between the Schuylkill Branch and the RDG mainline (Norristown Line)?

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