About to start

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About to start

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Hey hows it going everyone. I just made it in as a Conductor candidate and I was curious if ya'll had any advice for the training and things I should start doing now to prepare myself for it. Also once I get on the job is there any certain type of boots or gear I should buy for the road.... I remember seeing a topic once were a guy was asking about gear and a bunch of people replied about boots with mink oil, a flashlight, phone charger and so on and so forth on his time on duty. Anyway though i've read plenty about the lifestyle but I'm always open to hear anything you more experienced guys have to add. Also what stuff should I start learning I really want to being learning the material so I can be well prepared for school when they start laying down the information.

Thanks guys in advance. Glad to be apart of the team.

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Re: About to start

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Congrats; what location??

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