NS restoring GG1 4877?

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NS restoring GG1 4877?

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I received my Railfan and Railroad Magazine in the mail today and found on page 22 an article titled "Norfolk Southern Restores a GG1 for the Heritage Fleet." The article indicates the G is being restored to "....miniaturization and digital technology, we have been able to upgrade the locomotive to operate under today's various overhead power systems while outwardly retaining its 'stock' 1934 appearance." The work is being done with the URHS of NJ, who actually owns the engine and the work is being done "In secret" at Boonton, NJ.

To say the least, I am skeptical this is actually occurring. After 30 years why all of the sudden now make it compliant to modern electrical for excursion service? Does anyone know if this is really happening?


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Re: NS restoring GG1 4877?

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I just saw the story last night. Along the left margin of the photo it credits Steve Barry and then says April Fool photoshopped by Alexander B. Craghead. The last sentence of the caption says "Is it April already?" or something like that. You just have to read what it says.

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