Camp cars

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Camp cars

Post by DogBert »

Simple question - does NS still use camp cars to house rail gangs? From what I've read they are (or were) the last class 1 RR in the US to utilize them.

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Re: Camp cars

Post by 4400Washboard »

I am pretty sure they still use them, considering that they dumped $6 million to retro-fit them in 2008/09. But unions and the government could change that in an instant...
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Re: Camp cars

Post by MattW »

The month before their yearly South-of-Atlanta trackwork blitz (runs Jan-Feb), I saw a camp train at Armour yard here in Atlanta. I also remember seeing one up in Virginia somewhere, not far from Lynchburg, back in 2012 when I rode the Crescent.

In contrast, CSX seems to like the Holiday Inn Express in my town when they do their trackwork, I frequently see their highrailers and other CSX vehicles in the hotel's parking lot!

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Re: Camp cars

Post by Freddy »

Living on camp cars is a miserable existence, especially Seaboard MofW which were converted boxcars.CSX finally got smart and got everybody out.

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Re: Camp cars

Post by BenH »

Here's a link to a set of 9 images of the 25-car NS Camp Car train that is currently parked in Northampton, Massachusetts. ... 175001108/" onclick=";return false;

The crew is installing welded rail on the Conn River Line between Greenfield and Springfield.

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Re: Camp cars

Post by cockerhamsg »

We have a bunch in Ludlow, KY right now.
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Re: Camp cars

Post by tvcigar »

Camp cars are currently parked on the tracks near the train station in downtown Greensboro, North Carolina.

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