West-of-Deerfield Gawking

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Re: West-of-Deerfield Gawking

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A couple unusual sightings in Buckland recently..
Last weekend a long train of general freight was parked by the 112 bridge with no power. Usually the power will be left on the train here. Wonder why the change in this case?
Today, 3 Pan Am GEs light power under the 112 bridge. There was a westbound by Cosby’s barn, but that had its own power. Unusual to see light power here. Wonder if there’s been an ops change on the west end?

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Re: West-of-Deerfield Gawking

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Safetee wrote:Tonight something rare ran through West Deerfield. Running west, a not really too long freight with mid train power. Never saw that on PAS before.
Was it actually running as distributed power?

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Re: West-of-Deerfield Gawking

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After successfully catching 263 on the GMRC, made the impulse decision to head west for Hoosick Jct. To see if anything was stirring. I was unaware until much later that no train ran, but explored the area and continued to Mickeyville.

I'm terribly unfamiliar with the layout of what tracks go where or belong to who in town, but finally got to the yard just as the westbound container train did, and could make out a pair of NS GEVOs leading. Quite a long and slow train, a monstah for sure.

It was about 1630, and light was fading, so I took off to catch a glimpse of the Hudson River Bridge, this is maybe 10 minutes after the marker cleared, and another train was already sitting on the bridge. Managed to get a glimpse of the power, two of the ex CSX c40s, the latter with the "Thomas Dip" nose. Not a long train, looked like some LPGs, a good cut of the tall scrap gons, amd some mixed boxes/hoppers at the end.

Sometimes you can see multiple moves on PAS!
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