Reading Railroad 16th Iron Horse Ramble

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Reading Railroad 16th Iron Horse Ramble

Post by m2116x6 »

I'm trying to identify the date of a newspaper clipping on a Reading Iron Horse Ramble.

The caption mentions it was sponsored by the Reading Railroad as the 16th Iron Horse Ramble. It shows #2124 arriving at Langhorne Station. This Ramble left West Trenton at 7:50 am headed to Wilmington with various stops along the way.

Can anyone give me the date of this run? I'm trying to date the article for the local historical society.

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Re: Reading Railroad 16th Iron Horse Ramble

Post by rawilkes »

I am almost certain that it has to be April 9, 1961. I was on that train, and the handout reads that it was the first steam locomotive on the Wilmington & Northern branch in 9 years. The Iron Horse Rambles started in 1959 - the spring of 1961 would be the start of the 3rd year of them, so Ramble number 16 would be about right. The mailings that I got from the Reading show no other rambles to Wilmington in 1961, and 2124 was retired at the end of the 1961 season.

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Post by AlexC »

What was the route?
West Trenton, to Wilmington to Reading.... then where?
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Post by westernfalls »

AlexC wrote:What was the route?
West Trenton, to Wilmington to Reading.... then where?
Not quite. The train picked up passengers at Jenkintown and Wayne Jct. and operated via the Blue Line and Main Line to W&N Jct. (Birdsboro) where it negotiated a long crossover move to proceed across the river to the Wilmington & Northern Branch. Locomotive 2124 did the honors to Elsmere Jct. (Wilmington) and 2100 brought the train back to BE Tower (Birdsboro) where two FP7A locomotives took over for the return to West Trenton. President Gangewere and guests, along with representatives of the Associated Press and Trenton Times were aboard the train. The consist was one combine, diner 1186, and 14 coaches; 856 passengers were carried.

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Re: Reading Railroad 16th Iron Horse Ramble

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I may have some footage from this excursion! A friend has let me go through their home movies and I've figured out from what I can see in it (Reading 2124, Iron Horse Ramble painted on the side of some of the cars including what could diner 1186...)

You can see it here:

I'd love to know more about it so please let me know whatever you can tell about it.

(I also have a few steam train scenes on that playlist: ... D768B4093D

Many thanks.


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Re: Reading Railroad 16th Iron Horse Ramble

Post by glennk419 »

Thanks for sharing that fantastic footage. WOW, what we have lost in the past 50 years, not only in the form of steam motive power but also the congeniality of the railroads in letting their fans participate and get up close and personal before lawyers and insurance companies ruined all the fun. I was only 4 years old at that time and never had the opportunity to experience any of the Rambles. At least I got to witness 2102 when she was still running in the 90's.

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