Psgr Car Question

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Psgr Car Question

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The PRR Technical & Historical Society magazine Keystone News Vol 46, No. 3 on page74 has a picture looking north-west across Sunnyside Yard in 1960 taken from the Harold Ave viaduct. The bottom left side of this photo clearly shows what appears to be an MP-54 car painted blue with a silver roof. The car has headlights at both ends and a conduit that runs the length of the roof. Drip strips are applied to the roof over baggage doors implying that the doors and roof are an orgional build. Car has NO pantograph or any evidence of insulators or lightning arrestor ever having been installed. Question what is this piece of equipment & what is its use?

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Re: Psgr Car Question

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Possibly a non-powered trailer with controlling cabs.
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Re: Psgr Car Question

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Long Island Rail Road had such colors and cars, they used 3rd rail, which was in parts of Sunnyside at some times.

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Re: Psgr Car Question

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Could it be GT-1 or GT-2. These were Budd built gas turbine powered cars, one of which was equipped with third rail shoes. Just a guess without seeing the picture.
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