Southern Railway: Termination of Passenger Service

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Southern Railway: Termination of Passenger Service

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Does anyone know the specific date that SOU terminated passenger service to Landrum, SC? Also, does anyone know the specific date when ownership of the depot changed hands from the railroad to the city? (Anything more helpful than "sometime in the 1970's" would be better than nothing, even a specific year...)
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Re: Southern Railway: Termination of Passenger Service

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I just discovered this thread and see there have been no responses. The Official Guide of June 1968 shows that Landrum was served only by the Carolina Special, Trains 27 and 28, between Cincinnati and Columbia. In that issue is the following note: "Notice has been filed of intent to discontinue Trains 27 and 28 between Cincinnati and Columbia, S. C., and the matter is now pending before the Interstate Commerce Commission"; passengers are cautioned to check with local agents before relying on the schedule in that Guide. According to Wikipedia, the Carolina Special was discontinued on December 5, 1968. The eastbound train left Cincinnati at 9.30 pm and arrived in Landrum at 12.59 pm the following day, while the westbound left Columbia at 11.20 am and arrived in Landrum at 2.59 pm the same day; thus, if the respective last trips left their origins the same day, the last train through Landrum would have been the eastbound the day after leaving Cincinnati. Hope this is still of some use.

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