Need Chicago-area Railroad Map (mid 1990s era)

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Need Chicago-area Railroad Map (mid 1990s era)

Post by NYCS »

Does anyone have a large map showing the lines and yards in the Chicago metropolitan area of the "pre-mega-merger railroads" (when we had Burlington Northern, CNW, Union Pacific, Santa Fe, Southern Pacific, CONRAIL, and others that just yesterday never seemed like they would be fallen flags?) I'm looking at current maps, but can't discern which lines and yards belonged to which railroad in the days before the 1990s merger-mania. The most recent SPV Atlas book I have doesn't help, as it gives an overview of today's ownership and is difficult to understand the heritage of many lines. Please let me know if you can be of help in providing any sort of map or graphic that can help me gain some clarification on this. Thanks!

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Re: Need Chicago-area Railroad Map (mid 1990s era)

Post by FMFan »

Might be out-of-print, but Jerry Swazjakart (sp?) Had a "Chicago Railfan Guide" (or similar type title) back in the 1970s. It included a larger map which had plenty of detail on "pre-merger" lines, junctions, yards etc. An excellent reference. Only down side is that it didn't inlcude any roads/highways, but with a Chicagoland Map you could navigate your way around. The Swaz book may be available on e-bay or RR shows. Hope that helps

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Re: Need Chicago-area Railroad Map (mid 1990s era)

Post by Tadman »

I think it was John Swajkart, and the book was great. I had one as a kid until it fell apart.

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Re: Need Chicago-area Railroad Map (mid 1990s era)

Post by pumpers »

I'm from NJ but have recently been trying to learn about Chicago RR's and history, and have been looking for old maps.
I had good luck at
and more specifically For example: ... 11-C4.html shows all the RR's lines in the Chicago from about 1910. It is not 1990, but I don't think too much changed from 1910 to the beginning of Conrail, vs all the mergers and abandonments since then. JS

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